It feels a little lonely in here.

Let's change that.

Take your set up to the next level

With exclusive and never before offered equipment solutions, you can forget walking down the street to get your coffee and instead bring the café experience to your office.

At Merlo Coffee we don't believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Depending on the needs and preferences of your team, we have a range of barista-style and automatic espresso machines available.

We'll help you find the perfect one!

workplace coffee made easy

We understand the importance of convenience and simplicity when it comes to coffee supply for your workplace.

From sugars and syrups to cups and cleaning, we have everything you need for the perfect brew.

Ordering is easy and our dedicated Workplace support team are available for all your coffee needs.

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Here at Merlo Coffee we are always keen to hear from enthusiastic businesses who understand the importance of providing quality fresh espresso at their workplace. If this sounds like you, please complete the form below and we will be in touch shortly.