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How Dean Merlo makes his morning coffee

How Dean Merlo makes his morning coffee - Merlo Coffee

It’s no surprise that Dean Merlo starts every day with a coffee. But instead of visiting one of his cafes, or using a home espresso machine, Dean’s secret is that he uses the stovetop to make his coffee every morning.

“People often ask me why I use a stovetop when I own a coffee company,” Dean explains.

“And the truth is that everywhere I go during the day, I have espresso coffee.

“But stovetop is something different. If you make it well it can be so sweet and so strong. I really like that in the morning.”

Watch the video below to learn exactly how Dean brews his morning coffee.


It’s easy to make coffee at home just like Dean. Here’s what he is using:

Our home starter stovetop pack contains everything you need to make delicious coffee at home. 

For more details on how to make a stovetop coffee at home, check out our brew guide.

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