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Learn how to make great coffee with a Hario V60

With its timeless Japanese design, the Hario V60 is ideal for preparing a quick and simple coffee for one without the fuss.

The V60 is a pour over brewing device and uses a paper filter to deliver a delicious cup of coffee. 

The entire brewing process takes just a few minutes and it's easy to get the hang of, though difficult to master.

The V60 itself is a small and lightweight device, making it suitable for making coffee on the road. 

Hario V60

As with all manual brew methods, you can alter the flavour characteristics of your coffee by adjusting the amount of coffee or water used and the grind size. The cone shaped bonded paper filter produces a lovely clean cup, which is full of flavour.

With the plastic version starting at just $12.50, the V60 is one of the most affordable ways to get into pour over brewing.  

Follow the below steps to learn how to make great coffee with a Hario V60.


Step 1

Fold the filter along the seam and fit it to the cone. 

Step 2

Rinse the filter paper and heat the glass by pouring hot water through the filter, into the glass. Discard the hot water, being careful not to lose the filter paper.

Place the V60 on top of your glass. 

Step 3

Pour ground coffee into the V60. Your aim is to have the grounds sitting level in the filter cone. Give the V60 a soft shake if needed to settle the grounds. 

Add 15g of coffee (approx three level tablespoons) of coffee to every cup you want to drink. 

Step 4

Gently pour hot water onto the coffee grounds. Using a circular motion, wind out from the centre until all of the grounds are saturated then stop pouring.

Water should always be hot but not boiling, as boiling water will burn the coffee grounds. Aim for 92°c which should be the water temperature about 30 seconds after your kettle boils.

Step 5

You should notice a ‘bloom’- this is when the wet coffee puffs up into a golden-brown dome. Leave the coffee to bloom for 30 seconds. This bloom process helps gasses escape the coffee. 

Step 6

Recommence pouring, using the same circular motion. Try not to pour directly down the sides of the filter. Pause to let the coffee come through. Don't let the water level rise too high. 

Coffee will begin to filter through the glass in steady, consistent drops. Repeat the process of gently pouring, then waiting.

Step 7

Stop once the colour of the coffee dripping from the cone has become pale, or you have enough brew for your taste. Remove the filter paper and Hario, and drink straight from your cup! 


  • Experiment with how much coffee you put in the V60. 
  • Pour slowly and carefully. If you pour too fast you will wreck the extraction. 
  • Experiment with the amount of water you pour into the V60 to change the extraction. Less water will mean a more acidic taste, while more water will cause the brew to be bitter. 
  • Experiment with how long you leave the coffee to bloom for. 
  • For a lighter, sweeter and more acidic brew, try one of our light (filter) roasts like Colombia or Ethiopia Guji Muda Tatesa. Light roasts are roasted for less time than our normal espresso roasts, making them suitable for use in devices with a slow extraction time like the V60.

Video guide:

Remember, when making coffee at home:

  • Fresh is best when it comes to coffee – we recommend buying your coffee in smaller quantities, more frequently. Whole beans tend to go stale after about six weeks and this process is quicker for ground coffee. 
  • We custom-grind for all brewing methods – just tell our staff how you make your coffee at home, or select your brewing method when you order online
  • Use filtered water where possible.
  • A Merlo subscription is an easy way to make sure you never run out of coffee again. Save time and receive bonus beans with every 6th order, plus easily cancel, update and manage your subscription at any time.

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