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New San Jeronimo de Naranjo from Costa Rica

New San Jeronimo de Naranjo from Costa Rica - Merlo Coffee

In the world of specialty coffee, a limited edition gem emerges from the heart of Costa Rica - San Jeronimo de Naranjo. With a captivating origin story and an array of delightful tasting notes, this coffee offers an experience like no other.

Join us as we dive into the world of coffee, sustainability, and flavour with producer Eduardo Gurdian Pacheco at the helm of Hacienda Pilas.

If you're a coffee enthusiast, you know that not all coffee is created equal. Some beans stand out not just for their flavour but also for their exceptional origin stories. The Costa Rica San Jeronimo de Naranjo is one such coffee, and it's truly a limited edition delight.

Producer and Origin Profile

Eduardo Gurdian Pacheco, the visionary behind this coffee, hails from a lineage of Costa Rican coffee growers.

Fuelled by a passion for coffee and a thirst for knowledge, he studied agronomy and embarked on a journey that took him through coffee-producing regions worldwide, from Central America to Southeast Asia. Ultimately, he returned to his roots to manage the Hacienda Pilas estate in Costa Rica's West Valley.

Hacienda Pilas, perched high on the ridges of the Naranjo region in the West Valley, enjoys the ideal conditions for growing exceptional coffee. With volcanic soils, abundant water sources, and lush vegetation sheltering the coffee trees, this estate embodies the quintessential elements of a coffee haven.

Sustainability and the Bee Connection

In his quest for sustainability, Eduardo took an unconventional approach by introducing beehives to the Hacienda. He affectionately refers to the bees as "my little workers, part of the family." This decision to use natural pollinators is not only unique but also scientifically sound.

Studies have shown that when coffee trees are naturally pollinated by insects, they produce larger fruit in greater quantities, translating into an increase of over $1500 per hectare in yield.

Combined with the choice of natural processing, the extra fruit surrounding each set of coffee beans enriches the flavour profile during drying. In essence, Eduardo's "little workers" have played a significant role in crafting the remarkable sweetness of the San Jeronimo de Naranjo.

Tasting the Brilliance

Now, let's get to the heart of the matter - the tasting experience. The San Jeronimo de Naranjo is nothing short of a symphony of flavours. It scores an impressive 89 on the cupping scale, a testament to its quality and complexity.

San Jeronimo de Naranjo welcomes you with an inviting aroma reminiscent of red fruits. Once you take that first sip, you'll find yourself on a journey through a fruit wonderland.

Flavours of pomegranate, plum, honey, candy, and banana delight the taste buds. It's an experience that's both sweet and vibrant, with bright citrus acidity balancing the candy-like sweetness.

The finishing note is sweet and lingers, leaving a lasting impression. The full-bodied nature of this coffee is perfectly balanced, making it an exceptional choice for those who appreciate the harmonious interplay of flavours and textures.

Brewing Recommendations

One of the joys of complex coffees is the versatility they offer in the brewing process. San Jeronimo de Naranjo can be customized to your preferences, opening up a world of flavour possibilities.

For those who enjoy a darker roast and espresso, the fruit notes transform into something akin to the rich, warm flavours of baked fruit dishes.

Think of indulgent treats like plum tart or baked banana with pomegranate molasses. This results in a full-flavored, sweet cup with minimal bitterness and a mellow aftertaste.

If you opt for a lighter roast and hand brewing, the options expand even further. A gentle pourover accentuates the banana and plum notes.

For a sweeter and less citrusy experience, an Aeropress is your best bet. In a plunger, you'll be treated to rich flavours. 

For a truly extraordinary experience, try San Jeronimo de Naranjo in a cold drip. The flavours converge in a spectacular fashion, creating a sensation akin to a medley of stacked fruit liqueurs. It's a bright, bold, and immensely fun taste journey, with an almost boozy edge. Plum, pomegranate, banana, candy - it's a fruit extravaganza that's impossible to resist.

In the world of coffee, San Jeronimo de Naranjo is a limited edition treasure. It's a testament to the innovation and dedication of Eduardo Gurdian Pacheco and a testament to the endless possibilities of coffee flavour. With every cup, you embark on a unique journey through the lush coffee landscapes of Costa Rica, one that leaves you craving more. Don't miss your chance to savour this extraordinary limited edition coffee.

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