Adventures with Coffee

“In all things of nature there is something of the marvellous” – Aristotle.


Whether you’re a bush walker, a hiker, a climber or a rambler, getting out of the city and into some greenery is one of the nicest ways to spend a Saturday morning. Follow our guide on how to bring your coffee kit with you and enjoy a fresh brew in the great outdoors.

Coffee Adventures 1
Photo - Step One: Preparation


Time to get packing!

We’re going to be traipsing around with our coffee gear in a backpack, so we want to keep it pretty bare bones – lightweight and tough – the Aeropress will be perfect.

Bring an Aeropress with a filter in the cap, the paddle for stirring, a thermos for hot water, some coffee and a keep cup – plus one for any bush-walking buddies you may be bringing along. They’re going to love you!

Fill your thermos with hot water and grind your beans. Choose a 5.7 grind for an Aeropress.


Coffee Adventures 5
Photo - Step Two: Get outside!


We decided to ramble around Mt Glorious in Brisbane, Queensland. It well and truly lived up to its name, but we really are spoilt for choice. if you’re heading there, take your time, breathe in the fresh air and keep an eye out for pademelons on the trail.

Coffee Adventures 8
Photo - It is not hard to find a good spot here!


When you reach somewhere particularly beautiful and serene for your coffee break, unpack your gear and rinse the filter in the Aeropress cap.

Coffee Adventures 6
Photo - Step Three: Brew


No matter where you are, we recommend the inverted method (see full instructions here) so add your coffee and water to the upside down Aeropress and give it a stir.


Once your coffee is brewed, lock on the cap with the filter, put the cup on top and flip the whole thing.


Plunge your Aeropress slowly for about 30 seconds. Though, out here you might find that keeping time doesn’t seem quite so important.

Coffee Adventures 7
Photo - Step Four: Enjoy!


Raise a glass to your marvellous surroundings and sit back with a freshly brewed delicious coffee.


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