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AeroPress or AeroPress Go - which one is best for you?

AeroPress or AeroPress Go - which one is best for you? - Merlo Coffee

It used to be simple to recommend a brewing device that's easy to use and extremely portable - get the AeroPress, of course! But then the AeroPress Go came along in 2019 to complicate matters. 

While the original AeroPress has always been a convenient brewing device, the AeroPress Go takes things up a notch by being much smaller than the original and packing up neatly into a travel mug.

So, should you buy the AeroPress Go or stick with the original? Let's delve into which one is best for you below. 

History of the AeroPress and AeroPress Go

The original AeroPress was invented in 2005 by American Alan Adler.

Its unique design made it a revelation with coffee drinkers, as it could produce espresso style coffee in just a minute. And for under $50? Incredible!

The AeroPress relies on air pressure to force water through finely ground coffee beans, resulting in a smooth and clean cup of coffee. 

For the next 14 years the AeroPress hardly changed, save for a few cosmetic updates. That was until the AeroPress Go hit the market in 2019...

Key differences between the AeroPress and AeroPress Go

The AeroPress Go is marketed as the travel coffee press and comes with its own mug with lid which is very handy. The AeroPress Go and all its accessories pack up inside the mug after use, making it a neat package to travel with. 

The AeroPress Go is about a third smaller than the original and slightly lighter.

The original AeroPress, while still being very convenient to carry around, doesn't come with a travel mug or pack up as cleverly as the Go. 

However, it does have a slightly larger capacity than the Go - at 296ml v 237ml. It's possible to make two coffees at a time from the original AeroPress, but not from the Go. 

Both models brew the same tasting coffee - in either the traditional or inverted brewing method - and use paper filters, although reusable metal filters are also available to purchase. 

See the full breakdown of the differences between the two AeroPress devices below. 

Credit: AeroPress

Which one is best for you - AeroPress or AeroPress Go?

If portability is key for you, then choose the AeroPress Go. It's slimmer and lighter than the original model, and everything packs together which makes it perfect for travelling or taking on the road. The AeroPress Go also brews the same great tasting coffee as the original.

But if your AeroPress is more likely to stay in one location, then opt for the original AeroPress. Its slightly larger capacity will come in handy if you're entertaining guests (or just need a bigger cup of coffee!). 

How to make incredible AeroPress coffee

An AeroPress can produce great coffee in a minute and is super easy to clean. 

Watch the video below to see how easy it is to make AeroPress coffee at home, or read our full step-by-step guide



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