Kenya Wanjengi

cherry, blackcurrant, vanilla
cherry, blackcurrant, vanilla

September’s Bean of the Month is a sophisticated and sweet offering from the slopes of Mt Kenya, with classic blackcurrant and cherry flavours lingering in a silky finish. Kenya Wanjengi is produced by the Kahuhia Farmers Co-operative and represents the work of nearly 3000 small-lot farmers.

The key to Kenya Wanjengi is in the coffee tree varietals, and especially SL-28. “SL” stands for Scots Laboratories: a group of scientists who worked on developing coffee trees in East Africa from the 1930s – 1960s. Of the varietals they selected, propagated and studied, SL-28 has been one of the most successful. When planted in the rich, mountainous terrain of Kenya it developed a distinctive jam-like sweetness and dark fruit flavours which has become synonymous with the best of Kenyan coffee.
The other important factor is the people who produce it. Kahuhia Farmers Co-operative are dedicated to fairness as well as producing exceptional coffee. The Wanjengi washing station runs according to strong community labour policies: no child labour, no forced labour, no discrimination and equal pay for equal work.



apricot, honeycomb, vanilla


Blackcurrant, cherry, mandarin






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