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Brazil Bahia Estate

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Brazil Bahia Estate


The state of Bahia in the North-East of Brazil is best known for its beautiful beaches, rich Afro-Brazilian culture, and wild Carnival parties. But if you head inland, and up into the mountains, you’ll find Renato Rodrigues and his family creating something very special on their organic coffee farm.

Tucked between two mountain ranges, the farm exists in a little microclimate with mild winters and warm summers. This mellow climate allows the coffee to mature slowly, and the cherries become sweeter as a result.

Carefully tended using organic methods, the coffee is hand-picked and processed. ‘Pulp-natural’ refers to a process wherein the coffee cherry is peeled, with just the skin being removed, before allowing the cherry fruit to soak into the coffee beans as they dry.

This careful nurturing and processing have created a bright and sweet cup, with lovely traditional coffee flavours and aromas of chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut. This is a wonderful all-rounder and gives beautiful flavour whether you’re making it through an espresso machine or a plunger. 

Purchase it online or enjoy it in store with your regular coffee order: black coffee drinkers will love the smooth sweetness and those who prefer a latte or flat white will find the flavours complement the creaminess of milk perfectly. 

Brazil Bahia Estate
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Brazil Bahia Estate

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