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Training with TRACTION

Training with TRACTION - Merlo Coffee

TRACTION is an amazing place, a place where they empower young people who are experiencing challenges in life.

Their hands-on learning and mentoring programs are designed to help build skills they can use in the future along with their self-confidence. Young people who take part in TRACTION’s programs are usually aged between 12 and 15 years.

TRACTION connect is a work experience and training program where young people join business partners, who offer TRACTON youngsters employment opportunities and potential paths to future careers.


On the tools

Six students from Villanova College recently joined Merlo’s trainer Ryan on an introductory barista course training at our training facility in Fortitude Valley. The students spent the morning learning about the hospitality industry and the ins and outs of coffee making.

The comprehensive training included the barista basics of dosing, tamping and milk texturising which is the foundation of any good coffee making.

The students worked closely with Ryan on a one-on-one basis to learn the finer arts of coffee making, which culminated in taste-testing their own efforts at the end. The individual time gave the students the opportunity to learn from someone with years of experience and attempt their own coffee-making – a great boost to their self-esteem!

Encouragement came in spades due to the great group dynamic and the students knowing each other well, as they are all part of one of TRACTION’s programs.

The session gave the students the ability to develop some until now untapped skills and abilities which will help them manage life’s many challenges.
At the end of the session, the students were wondering how soon they could get a job at Merlo!

TRACTION has sparked the potential in over 1,900 young people since 2015 and demand for their programs across Southeast Queensland continues to grow.

Learn more about the great work of TRACTION here.

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