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How to descale / deep clean your espresso machine

Just like your car needs regular servicing, it’s very important to undertake a regular deep clean of your coffee machine so that it stays in fine working order.

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Your daily espresso machine clean

To make every cup of coffee from your machine a winner, you need to make sure your machine is in tip-top condition.

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The Merlo Roasting Process

The secret to Merlo Coffee’s rich balanced flavour is the roasting profile that our roasting team strictly follow.

Brew guides, Learn

Brew guide: Hario V60

Simply designed, the Hario V60 filter coffee-maker is ideal for preparing a quick and simple coffee for one without the fuss!


Five minutes with our head roaster

Steve’s office isn’t like most. It is a shiny, bright blue Brambati Roaster sourced directly from Codevilla, Italy.

Brew guides, Coffee 101, Learn

Brew guide: AeroPress

Learn how to get grit free coffee with minimal bitterness by using this total immersion brewing technique.

Brew guides, Learn

Brew guide: Syphon

The syphon may look like a bit of a science experiment, but it delivers a certain theatre to your coffee experience and has exceptional brewing results.

Coffee 101

The basics of coffee grading

There are a number of internationally recognised standards that coffee beans need to meet for export.


Merlo’s own Rosa the Roaster

The Merlo Brambati KS120 toastatrice (roaster), affectionately known as ‘Rosa’, is a state of the art machine.

Coffee 101, Learn

Perfectly steamed milk

Part of learning to make great coffee at home is being able to steam your milk perfectly for latte and cappuccinos. Learn how in six easy steps!

Brew guides, Learn

Brew guide: Plunger

The plunger is a simple way to prepare coffee at home and requires no extra filtration – the device does it for you.

Brew guides, Learn

Brew guide: Stovetop

This traditional Italian brewing method uses steam pressure to create a strong brew, similar to espresso.

Coffee 101

The daily grind

Investing in a grinder at home will ensure you get the best out of your freshly roasted coffee beans.

Coffee 101, Learn

Why fresh espresso?

Just like picking up your fruit and vegetables from the farmers market, the coffee you buy should be as fresh as it gets.

Brew guides, Learn

Brew guide: Espresso Machine

As the appreciation of good coffee grows, so too does the popularity of home espresso machines.

Coffee 101

The health benefits of coffee

As one of the world’s favourite beverages, it’s understandable that there is a sizeable bank of research on the possible health benefits of drinking coffee.


Profile: John the Roaster

Get to know a little bit more about John, one of the expert Merlo Roasters.


Go Lukim Kopi visit

Our Head Roaster, Steve, recounts his time in Papua New Guinea visiting our major raw coffee bean supplier.

What's Happening at Merlo?

Merlo Coffee voted Australia’s favourite

Winner of Australia’s Favourite Coffee/Tea for the second time running in the I Love Food Awards – Australia’s biggest people’s choice awards.