Vibiemme Domobar Junior

Excellent performance in a smaller package

$ 2,450.00

Excellent performance in a smaller package

Perfect for homes with restricted bench space, this espresso machine is based on the Domobar super – just a lot smaller – and delivers the same excellent performance. The machine boasts a 1.45 litre boiler, full stainless steel construction, generous drip tray and 1600 watt element. With the famous Vibiemme build quality and a heat exchanger for simultaneous steam and brewing, you’ll be able to create cafe quality coffee time and again. Learn how to perfectly steam milk from your espresso machine in six easy steps with our step by step guide. (Please note: this product may take up to a week to arrive depending on supply and stock levels and upon placing your order, you will receive a call from our Customer Service team to verify your details due to the value of this product.)

Body: Stainless steel
Weight: 18kg
Water tank size: 2.2L
W/D/H (mm): 225/400/410
Boiler type: Copper
Boiler size: 1L
Power: 115V
Other features: 2 gauges: one for steam pressure and one for pump pressure.