Timor Leste Goulala

spice, vanilla, strawberry
spice, vanilla, strawberry

A very special coffee from one of Australia’s closest neighbours, Timor Leste Goulala is the work of many families from the Emera region, but central to the story are two men – a farmer named Manuel da Costa Silva and the man who organises the collection from the small family farms – Senor Domingos Sarmento. They work together to help farming families to improve their farms, harvesting and processing. Most of the work is done of homemade equipment, made of scrap metal and local timber.This work of growing and nurturing trees, pulping cherries and carefully drying seeds is a world away from their lives before East Timor achieved independence. Both Senor Domingos Sarmento and Manuel da Costa Silva are war heroes, who fought in Timor’s Resistance Army. Now that their country is free, they are committed to helping their community prosper and developing an economically, environmentally and socially sustainable coffee industry is an important part of that goal.We are proud and happy to support this community and hope you enjoy this very special cup, which breaks from the usual earthy characteristics of Timor coffee with warming, sweet flavours of vanilla and berry. When paired with milk, the creaminess of the coffee becomes almost malty, and when drunk black a fine sweet acidity comes to the fore.


Herbal, spicy


strawberry, Vanilla