Costa Rica La Poeta

full-bodied, rich chocolate & dark cocoa
full-bodied, rich chocolate & dark cocoa

About the producers:
The Café de Altura de San Ramon de Especial was founded by a small group of coffee producers in 2004 and born out of a commitment to quality coffee, sustainability and community. Today they have expanded to a processing, export, marketing and roasting company serving 3800 producers. Their passion for the betterment of the coffee communities in the West Valley has led to the development of education and training programs to assist small producers in growing their business and supporting their families, while ensuring the future of the family farm through environmentally sound practices. In this dedication to land, family and community they embody the Costa Rican principle of “Pura Vida” or “Pure Life” – a spirit of simplicity, optimism, warmth and authenticity Ticos (Costa Ricans) live by.


Chocolate, walnut


rich chocolate, with dark cocoa notes




Full, Rounded


lingering cocoa and hazelnut