Cup of Excellence #17: Costa Rica La Loma

Tastes of tropical fruit, honey, chocolate, fig
Tastes of tropical fruit, honey, chocolate, fig

Led by patriarch Hector, the Bonilla family have been growing coffee in the spectacularly scenic microregion of Llano Bonito (“The Beautiful Plains”) for almost 20 years. A gorgeous mix of fruit and florals, Costa Rica La Loma opens with a heady fragrance of rose, honeysuckle and passionfruit. In the cup this sweetness sharpens and deepens into tropical fruits – strawberry, blueberry, watermelon – and persists through a creamy body and red grape acidity. A worthy winner of the Cup of Excellence badge.


honey, passionfruit, rose


blueberry, chocolate mousse, fig, strawberry


red grape, wine


Creamy, round


sweet and clean