Colombia Diofanor Trio

Natural, Honey, Washed
Natural, Honey, Washed

This Limited Edition coffee contains 3 x 125grams of coffee and is from the farm of Diofanor Ruiz which we visited in Colombia last year. Diofanor comes from generations of coffee growers and his 20 hectares of Castillo variety coffee trees are nurtured without the use of chemicals. All the washed and honey processing is also carried out on-site by the family.

What happens between the ripe coffee cherry and the raw green coffee beans can make all the difference in the cup. There are three common types of processing: natural (dry), honey (semi-washed), and washed (wet). Learn more about them here.

It is very unusual to be able to compare washed, honey and natural lots of the same coffee. Through a personal commitment of time and money, not to mention creativity, we have a rare opportunity to taste distinctly different flavours in three lots of coffee from the same trees.

In splitting his harvest three ways and applying a different process to each, Senor Ruiz and his family have enabled us to experience the full potential of his coffee. We hope you enjoy this very special selection.