Burundi Gisha

Spices, stonefruit, berries, caramel
Spices, stonefruit, berries, caramel

Cupping sessions are usually quiet, contemplative, business-like affairs. The day we cupped this Bean of the Month it was much the same until we reached the point where we could discuss our notes. The room exploded! Mitzi from our marketing team spoke about the spicy fragrance of cinnamon, cloves and nutmeg reminding her of walking through a night market in India.

One of our roasters Tony raved about the “monster body.” The tasting notes quickly filled the page.

I’ve pared the information down for the tasting card, but I think the notes in their entirety are worth reading:

Fragrance: exotic, spicy, nutmeg, cinnamon, clove, mint, floral
Flavours: berry, fruit, caramel, pastry, vanilla, apple, biscuit, sweet, red plums, golden syrup
Body: creamy, MONSTER!
Acidity: red grape, green apple, balanced, vibrant
Finish: sweet, juicy, syrupy

Suffice to say we’re very excited. We hope you like it too!


cinnamon, clove, mint, Nutmeg


Caramel, plum, raspberry


red grape and green apple