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Coffee Fanatic

March 04, 2020

Coffee Fanatic #9 - Michael Turner

Meet Michael! Our March Coffee Fanatic who loves nothing more than good coffee with close friends. Michael is a regular to our Eagle...

February 07, 2020

Coffee Fanatic #8 - James Kirby

We continue our search for Australia’s biggest Coffee Fanatic with a nomination from our UQ Store. Today, it’s Dr James!

December 03, 2019

Coffee Fanatic #7 - Aislinn Sharp

Aislinn Sharp is a second generation Merlo fanatic who has been a positive and refreshing Friend of Merlo for many...

August 30, 2019

Coffee Fanatic #6 – Noela Dillon

Noela Dillon has been a Merlo Coffee drinker for over 20 years. That’s a lot of cappuccino’s! Get to know...


February 26, 2020

Simon Says - What's your coffee routine?

What type of coffee do you wake up with in the morning? Light or dark roast? Do you buy your...

February 19, 2020

Simon Says - The Flavour Wheel

Welcome to Episode 5 of Simon Says, where today we’re talking about the famous Flavour Wheel.  

February 11, 2020

Simon Says - How to judge a great cup of coffee

Today on Simon Says Episode 4 we delve into the world of ‘cupping’, to find out what our qualified Q Grader, Simon looks for...

February 04, 2020

Simon Says - Fridge, Freezer or Pantry?

Welcome to ‘Simon Says’ - Episode 3! Today we’re looking at exactly where you should store your freshly roasted coffee...


August 01, 2020

Bean of the Month - Brazil Kaparao

Brazil Kaparao produces a clean and well balanced cup, with flavour notes of red fruit and caramel, crisp green apple acidity, a full body, syrupy...

July 06, 2020

Bean of the Month - Rwanda Gihombo

Our Bean of the Month for July is Rwanda Gihombo!Rwanda Gihombo is juicy and sweet, with an aroma of figs and strawberries continuing in the cup. The delicious...

June 11, 2020

Zambia A (Mafinga Hills)

This Zambia A grade RFA certified coffee comes from Kateshi & Isanya Estates located in the Mafinga Hills region of...

March 17, 2020

Instore Updates Re: Coronavirus

As the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to evolve, we wanted to share with you some important information about the...


March 19, 2020

Changes to Takeaway Cups

At Merlo Coffee, we have made a very deliberate effort to become more sustainable in all our business practices.

March 17, 2020

Message from the CEO - Coronavirus

Valued Customers,Our thoughts are with you, your businesses and families during these uncertain times. Merlo Coffee is taking every precaution...

August 01, 2019

5 reasons to choose Merlo if you’re a cafe owner

5 Reasons to choose Merlo

July 04, 2019

Harveys Bar + Bistro

Owner and chef PJ McMillan speaks about why he chose Merlo Coffee as his coffee supplier.