Coffee Fanatic #5 – Todd Hansen



Todd Hansen is an avid Merlo coffee drinker. Describing himself as a ‘coffee snob’, find out why Todd has deservedly earned our August Coffee Fanatic of the Month title…


What is your favourite Merlo store? 

Springfield and Bowen Hills are tied. The Valley is a close second.


What is your typical coffee order? 

Triple shot caramel latte in a 12oz keep cup!


What is your favourite food to accompany your coffee? 

I often get a toasted ham and cheese croissant when we sit in for coffee. It goes down a treat!


How many coffees would you drink a day? 

Weekdays, 1 or 2. Weekends, 3 or more each day.


What is your favourite Merlo bean/blend? (e.g. BOM, house blend (espresso) etc). 

I like the regular house blend for my strong caramel lattes in store, but I often buy the bean of the month to have at home. I drink it black at home to get the full flavour, either espresso shots or French press.


What made you start drinking coffee initially? 

I really can’t pinpoint it. I’ve drank coffee for years. But I’ve become quite the coffee snob over the last few years, and nothing is as good as a barista made Merlo!


Who is your favourite person to have a coffee with? 

Well that would be my lovely lady, Kathy of course! She’s almost as much of a Merlo fanatic as I am!

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