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Gift Packs

Pourover Starter Pack

Essential starter kit for pourover coffee.



We've bundled together the essentials so you can start your pourover coffee journey. A red porcelain 01 size (makes 1-2 cups) Hario V60, a packet of 100 one cup filters and 200g of our Private Blend. Made in Japan, this porcelain pour over is deceptive in its simplicity. The ceramic maintains the temperature and the swirling ridges on the inside of the cone enhance your brew by guiding the water steadily through the ground coffee. As with all manual brew methods, you can alter the flavour characteristics of your coffee by adjusting the amount of coffee used, grind size and speed of pour. The cone shaped bonded paper filter produces a lovely clean cup, which is full of flavour.


A Merlo subscription is the easiest way to enjoy premium, freshly roasted coffee delivered right to your door. Save time, receive bonus beans and never run out of coffee again!

Take a look at our Merlo Subscriptions page for more information.