Brew Guide: Cold Press

Want to make clean, full-flavoured cold press coffee at home with just your old plunger? Thought you would…

As the days get longer and warmer, the idea of a cold refreshing coffee becomes more appealing.

Here’s how you can utilise your old plunger to make a clean, full-flavoured cold press coffee at home.

This recipe only takes about 5 minutes to prepare, but does need to be left overnight in the fridge and then requires a further 15 minutes to filter before serving.

With these ratios I made almost 750mL of cold brew concentrate which I diluted 50/50 to make about 5 servings.

I used the current Bean of the Month D.R. Congo Kawa Kabuya roasted for filter as I really wanted to bring out the delicate flavours of roasted almond, malt and earl grey tea. Brewing coffee in cold water creates a low-acidity, full-bodied and sweet cup making it smooth and easy to drink.


You’ll need:

8 cup plunger
• Wooden spoon
• Scales or measuring cups
• 45g or ½ cup of plunger grind coffee
• 1L water
• Muslin or a paper filter coffee maker such as a Chemex or V60
• Ice and your choice of water, sparkling water or milk to serve

step 3

Step one

Weigh 45g or around ½ cup of plunger coffee and add it to your plunger.

Step two

Add 1L cold water, preferably filtered.

Step three

Stir gently with a wooden spoon making sure all of the grounds are saturated while being careful not to hit the sides of the glass.

Step four

Fit the plunger in the glass, without plunging and put in the fridge overnight to brew – around 12 hours. It’s important that you leave the plunger up so that all of the coffee is in contact with the water.

step 4

Step five

Plunge your brew and then pour through your filter. Most guides recommend muslin, which I don’t have at home, but I do have a lot of brewing devices so I used my paper filter V60.

You can purchase a plastic version for $10 which could be a useful investment if you’re making cold press regularly.

As with all filters, make sure you rinse your muslin or paper with hot water to remove any traces of fabric/paper flavours.

step 7

Step six

The coffee will take a little while to filter through, so I poured a little and then came back to it a few times. It took around fifteen minutes in total, but muslin may be faster. You can see here how the filter has removed the very small particles of coffee that the plunger mesh can’t pick up. This is what gives the clean, smooth flavour.

Step seven

Serve! The brew is quite strong, so I chose to serve it over ice and dilute it 50/50 with sparkling water. You could easily use still water or any kind of milk in its place. I got about 750ml of brew out of the 8 cup plunger, which would make around 5 serves diluted in a small cup.

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