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New Partnership Announcement: Procaffe

Merlo Coffee is excited to announce a new partnership with Melbourne-based coffee experts, Procaffe.

Procaffe will now look after the distribution, servicing and account management requirements for Merlo’s wholesale customers in Victoria.

With over 20 years of experience supplying and helping businesses with their coffee machines, coffee beans and coffee-related products, Procaffe shares a strong alignment with Merlo’s passion for excellent service and the highest quality coffee.

Merlo’s partnership with Procaffe will ensure that our customers in Victoria will be provided with the very best service and support to help reach their business goals.

Procaffe prides themselves on their technical expertise and knowledge of all things coffee. Their technicians have an astute knowledge of equipment and how to fix and repair complex issues.

Mario Colaiacovo, Procaffe’s Business Development Manager, will be on the ground working with Merlo’s Victorian customers.

Find out more about Mario below.

How long have you been working in the coffee industry and what are the biggest changes you’ve witnessed?

I’ve been in the food service and coffee industry for 27 years. The biggest change has been how diverse and knowledgeable café owners are now. They are setting trends in terms of design, food concepts and coffee menus. It’s not just about the coffee anymore, you get a surprise every time you walk into a café.

What’s your advice to café owners who’ve been forced into lockdown and what do you recommend they focus on as restrictions ease?

My advice to café owners is to investigate automation as it is more acceptable today than ever. There is automation equipment out there like milk texturizing machines, automatic tamps, automatic grinders and grind on demand machines.

There is a cost up front for this equipment but the advantages, like consistency of product and labour costs, outweigh the costs. The Australian market is setting the trends and leading in innovation so look out for home grown inventors.

What’s your go to coffee each morning?

Double ristretto, no sugar.

What do you love about the coffee industry?

I love being able to learn something new every day, meet fantastic people, travel to cool places in Australia and overseas and amass a large network of like-minded people.

The most gratifying aspect is being able to provide solutions to customers, non-customers and friends from within our coffee community.


Along with Mario, Procaffe also has three full time coffee machine engineers and a team of account managers with over 60 years’ experience in the coffee industry. 

Procaffe can be contacted on 1300 790 710 (press option 2 for service), Monday to Friday between 8.30am and 4.30pm.