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Message from the CEO - Coronavirus

Valued Customers,

Our thoughts are with you, your businesses and families during these uncertain times. Merlo Coffee is taking every precaution possible so we can provide continuation of product and service. Our manufacturing operation is still open for business as usual, and we’re working hard to ensure that we have adequate product for your business. Our customer service team is always here to answer your questions via email or phone.

All staff are taking extra protective measures to uphold their own personal hygiene and as a Company, we have also implemented several internal procedures to ensure business continuation including:

  • Our product is roasted at over 200 degrees which instantly kills any bacteria or germs and it is packed and sealed via automated packing machines without any human contact. This happens with 90% of our blends except for some limited specialised blends which are packed by team members wearing protective equipment in a hygienic environment.
  • We have three separate roasting machines and two roasting teams who are working separately and can adapt to changing conditions quickly to ensure continuation of roasting processes. Stock levels have been increased to cater for extra demand.
  • Our wholesale division is processing all orders within a 24-hour period and working with local Courier companies to ensure deliveries are sent as quickly as possible. If Courier services are affected, that is out of our control and there may be delays with your orders but where feasible, we have staff on hand to deliver coffee where possible.
  • Should contamination occur in any part of our business, that part of the business will be instantly shut down, affected staff sent home to self-isolate and a full cleaning take place within 24 hours. We have a designated biohazardous cleaning company on standby if this should occur.
We can assure you that as a Company we are taking our responsibility to staff and to customers very seriously. We are remaining calm but vigilant and our thoughts are with all our fellow customers as we go through these changing times together.

Kind Regards

James Wilkinson

We recommend you refer to the following for advice and alerts: