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Celebrating 10 Years at Merlo Coffee - Glenn May

This month our longstanding Account Manager, Glenn May, celebrates 10 years at Merlo Coffee - congratulations Glenn.

As you might imagine after 10 years, Glenn knows a thing or two about Merlo and even more about the coffee industry as a whole. We caught up with him to pick his brain about all things coffee - enjoy!

Congratulations on 10 years with Merlo Coffee! What is it about Merlo that’s kept you around so long?

I think it’s the variety of things I do on a daily basis that keeps it very interesting. I'm pretty lucky; I get to test out all the latest machines and gadgets, drink great coffee all day and I've been so fortunate to have met some incredible people along the way - not only in the walls of Merlo but in the cafes that we have partnered with.

It really excites me when you can help with an owners vision of what they want to achieve, hear their goals and play a part in making that all come together - for me I think that's really rewarding.

How has the coffee industry changed since you’ve been working for Merlo?

It goes without saying since mid-March it has been very difficult for the industry and there is going to be changes coming off the back of what we have all been through, but pre-COVID there had been some notable changes also.

There’s been a lot of changes in the way coffee equipment has evolved - mainly to look after a Barista's physical health by reducing movements with auto tamping and steam units, to more precision on demand grinding. It's really steering towards making everything a lot more consistent and it'll be very interesting to see where this will be in 10 years from now.

Alternative milks and customer options have surged in this time too! We don’t need to go back too far to when it was the 3 basics milks (Full Cream, Skinny and Soy). Implementing these new options has been a must for cafes.

Of course the coffee has changed over this time too, roasts for filter and alternative brew methods have found their way into cafes as an alternative to espresso coffee, giving the customer more variety to stay at their favourite café.

What is the best thing about partnering with Merlo from a café’s perspective?

In addition to the great coffee of course, it would be the relationship we try to set up with our cafes - as an Account Manager I’m involved as much or as little as the café needs me to be. We are on the road visiting cafes all the time and love sharing ideas with owners and managers, basically looking for ways to benefit the café and help increase sales and profile where we can.

What is the number 1 piece of advice you would give to someone looking to start a café?

There’s so many things to consider when opening up a café but for me a great café is only as good as the people who are behind the counter, it’s really doing the basics well from taking the order to handing you the coffee and wishing you a great day. You need to feel something and I think that’s a great start to bring the customer back.

Favourite Merlo bean?

That’s the Organico - I like that it’s sweet and nutty and is great as a piccolo for me.

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Without a doubt it's family, friends, taking the 4wd out for an adventure somewhere and of course loads more coffee.