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Cafe of the Month - November 2020

Our Café of the Month for November is St Andrews Coffee Shop at Ipswich Hospital.

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Subscribe to the Bean of the Month

Merlo Coffee is excited to announce that it's now easy to subscribe to our exclusive Bean of the Month program. By subscribing, you’ll automatically be sent each month’s Bean of the Month without having to think about it or miss out.

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Bean of the Month - Guatemala Margarita Barberena

Originating in Pueblo Nuevo Vinas, Guatemala, 'Finca Margarita' is farmed in some of the most nutrient-dense soil in the world, resulting in an outstanding coffee bean.Temperatures here average between 14 and 30 degrees Celsius in a sub-tropical rainforest that experiences around 2,300mm...

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Bean of the Month - Kenya Swara AB

Originating in Central and Western Kenya, Swara AB offers rich flavours of honey, stone fruit and pineapple with aromatics of honeycomb and tropical fruit. A crisp green apple acidity is accompanied by a juicy body before being rounded out by a clean, lingering finish.

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Merlo Coffee Partners With The Institute of Culinary Education

In exciting news, Merlo has partnered with the Institute of Culinary Education in Coorparoo, Brisbane.As a sponsor of this well renowned training institute, the group will now deliver Merlo coffee based training and will offer a Brisbane outlet for coffee...

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Bean of the Month - Colombia La Plata

Colombia La Plata is a typically delicious offering from a country that offers some of the best growing conditions in the world for coffee. 

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Bean of the Month - Brazil Kaparao

Brazil Kaparao produces a clean and well balanced cup, with flavour notes of red fruit and caramel, crisp green apple acidity, a full body, syrupy mouthfeel and a sweet hazelnut aftertaste.These beans are grown in the “Serra do Caparao” - a mountainous region, situated in the south-west...

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Bean of the Month - Rwanda Gihombo

Our Bean of the Month for July is Rwanda Gihombo!Rwanda Gihombo is juicy and sweet, with an aroma of figs and strawberries continuing in the cup. The delicious flavour is rounded out by warm dark honey with a hazelnut and cocoa finish.

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Zambia A (Mafinga Hills)

This Zambia A grade RFA certified coffee comes from Kateshi & Isanya Estates located in the Mafinga Hills region of Zambia's Northern Province. Kateshi Estate is located near the town of Kasamaand, with a total of 2,466 ha, 773 of...

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Instore Updates Re: Coronavirus

As the global Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak continues to evolve, we wanted to share with you some important information about the steps we are taking to minimise the risk of exposure in our stores and with our coffee products.

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