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Zambia A (Mafinga Hills)

This Zambia A grade RFA certified coffee comes from Kateshi & Isanya Estates located in the Mafinga Hills region of Zambia's Northern Province.

Kateshi Estate is located near the town of Kasamaand, with a total of 2,466 ha, 773 of which are currently cultivated with coffee, at an altitude of 1,400 masl. Isanya Estate is a little higher at an altitude of 1,550 masl! 

This wonderful coffee is washed and fermented in tanks, before being dried over 4 days in cascade driers. Coffee from both estates are then milled and blended at Kateshi.

The estates have an active social footprint with their communities. Examples of this are that Kateshi supports an 800 student school and local medical clinic while also employing the first female tractor drivers in Zambia. 

Please see below for the tasting card of Zambia A (Mafinga Hills).

Cupping Score: 84