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NEW Seasonal Blend

Caramel, blackcurrant, hazelnut flavour notes

Just like the Australian seasons of mangoes in the summer, macadamias in autumn, avocadoes in spring, and football in winter, coffee is a seasonal affair. The harvest periods roll around the world from country to country; the bows of the coffee trees drop their sweet-smelling white blossoms and become heavy with ripe cherries, each holding little seeds for harvest. 

At this time of the year, coffee crops picked in Central and South America have landed fresh in the warehouses of coffee roasters like us. And we’ve sorted through the offerings to make you a Seasonal Blend from the best of them. 

We’ve combined three coffees from Brazil, Colombia and Nicaragua, and each offers a unique contribution to the flavour profile we’ve created. 

A pulp natural processed lot from a small coffee-producing community in the south-east of Brazil gives us the chocolate and hazelnut notes in a creamy body which carries the whole blend. 

Colombian brings the caramel notes, along with soft fruit notes of silky blackcurrant and plum. 

Nicaraguan rounds out the coffee with sophisticated and balanced acidity, and the toffee which features in the aftertaste. 

Altogether, the Seasonal Blend is sweet, smooth and very drinkable. It’s been designed to be enjoyed with milk or black, with medium body and mellow acidity balancing the rich flavours. 

We hope you enjoy taking this little journey to South and Central America with us.

Just make sure you get in while this Seasonal Blend is available, because the coffee world never stops turning and once this harvest is gone, it’s gone for good.
Nicaragua, Colombia, Brazil

Nicaragua - washed, Colombia - washed, Brazil - pulp natural 


Flavour: caramel, blackcurrant, hazelnut
Aroma: plum, toffee
Finish: sweet
Acidity: mild
Body: creamy

Flavour notes:

Sweet and smooth, our Seasonal Blend brings the best of Central and South American coffees together. Flavours of caramel, blackcurrant and hazelnut are complemented by plum and toffee aromas, mild acidity and creamy body.