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January Bean of the Month: Kenya Ndiani

Our first Bean of the Month for 2021 comes from the Ndia-Ini Wet Mill in the Nyeri district of Kenya. 

Kenya Ndiani offers flavours of tangerine, caramel and butterscotch which are complemented by tropical fruit aromatics and a creamy body. A crisp green apple acidity is then rounded out by a lasting honeydew and chocolate aftertaste.

See what our Founder Dean Merlo thinks of Kenya Ndiani in the video below!  

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Ndia-Ini Wet Mill is located within the Nyeri County in Kenya, and is a member of the Rumukia Farmers' Cooperative Society.

A total of 901 farmers belong to the Wet Mill. The Nyeri County is a world renowned coffee growing area in central Kenya.

Coffee farms in Nyeri lie on the foothills of Aberdare ridge or overlook the commanding snow-capped Mt Kenya. Coffee is cultivated at elevations of 1220-2300 MASL in red volcanic soil which is rich in organic matter. Mixing that soil with high elevation, great drainage and strong varietals, the group is able to harvest coffee that has matured slowly, developing dense beans full of rich flavours.

Coffee covers approximately 12,480ha in Nyeri County, with smallholder farms accounting for 11,374ha and plantations covering the remaining 1,106ha. There are 23 active cooperative societies within the area with a total membership of over 78,000 coffee growers.

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