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Bean of the Month February - India Kelagur Heights

Flavour notes of chocolate, orange, dried apricot

We’re very excited to partner again with the Mathias Family – the same people who brought you the Whiskey Barrel limited edition and the Hybrid Geisha Bean of the Month of November 2018. Our Bean of the Month for February is India Kelagur Heights

This time we’ve chosen a beautiful natural coffee with heady aromatics of chocolate, rose, black tea and spice, and flavours of orange, cacao, dried apricot and papaya. With a juicy body and clean finish, this coffee will be great as a filter. Try it as a batch brew or cold drip at our Torrefaziones or in your usual coffee order from the espresso machine.

The Kelagur Estate ethos, with its strong focus on family and community, really resonates with us here at Merlo Coffee. The Mathias Family are fourth generation coffee producers, and have been at the Kelagur Estate since 1927. The estate is made up of over 1000 acres of tea and coffee plantation, one of the largest in the Chikmagular District. The family have a strong social focus and commitment to the people who work for them and provide housing for over 400 employees and their families. In effect this has created a small town within Kelagur Estate, complete with a medical centre, two creches, and primary schools for the kids. Beyond these facilities, the owners also provide their employees with an Education Fund for young adults to pursue further study and a savings plan in which the deposited funds are matched up to 12% of their salary.

This is a strong and thriving coffee community and we are proud to partner with them to bring you their latest harvest – a polished and clean tasting natural coffee with great sweetness and depth.
India Kelagur Heights