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February Bean of the Month: Colombia Tablon de Gomez

With an incredible cupping score of 86.25, February's Bean of the Month, Colombia Tablon de Gomez, is sure to be a big hit!

Colombia Tablon de Gomez has a delightful flavour mix of cinnamon, honeycomb and cocoa, with aromatics of red berries. 

It's a full washed bean grown at a high altitude of over 1800 masl. 

The body is full and juicy followed by a sweet aftertaste. 

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Tablon de Gomez is produced by 20 smallholder farmers from Tablon de Gomez, Narino.

This group is part of the Alianz Café, an offset of the Grupo Empresarial Buesaco. Located 2 hours drive from Buesaco, Narino, where some unique microlot coffees are produced above 1800 masl.

Tablon de Gomez precinct has an annual rainfall of 1600-2000mm, volcanic ash soils and temperatures ranging from 14°C-24°C.

Narino is in the deep South West of Colombia bordering Equador. Coffee from this region can reach up to 2200 masl making amongst the highest grown coffee in the world.

The high altitude combined with tropical climate during the day and cool nights allow slow maturation in the cherry development, which means coffees from this region exhibit candied sweetness, floral & fruity notes.

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