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Bean of the Month - Nicaragua La Trampa

Chocolate, butterscotch, peach, brown sugar and caramel. Sound good?

All these flavours and aromas come together in our May Bean of the Month: La Trampa, from Nicaragua.

This coffee is a collaboration between the La Rue siblings – Cynthia and John Mark. The La Rue kids grew up on the original La Trampa, a coffee farm owned by their Nicaraguan mother Mercedes and Jerry, their American father. When they returned to the property as adults, they decided to split the farm up and each work their own section independently.

Their natural competitiveness has driven each sibling to work with different varietals and farming techniques to develop their individual flavour profiles. This batch is what is known as a “Coletivo” in Nicaragua – a blend of the two crops together. And so they have named it in honour of their father’s hacienda – La Trampa.

Their father’s farm was named La Trampa – meaning “The Trap” – because it was said that the property was so beautiful that visitors would never want to leave. We think that in this collaboration the siblings have recreated that feeling in a cup – a coffee so lovely you’ll never want it to finish.

Suggested brewing devices: Chemex, Plunger.