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Award-winning filter roast now available!

We're excited to announce an award-winning filter roast is now available from our Online Store!

Ethiopia Guji Muda Tatesa won the silver medal in the filter roast category at the prestigious 2020 Golden Bean awards.

This outstanding bean comes to us from the homeland of coffee, Ethiopia.

The quality of the bean is clear from the outset with beautiful aromatics of rosehip and blossom delicately lingering in the air.

Once brewed the coffee has smooth flavours of milk chocolate balanced with bright bursts of mango sweetness. The chocolate flavour persists through to the finish where it blends with creamy-sweet pecan nuttiness.

What does filter roast mean?

A filter roast is less developed than a normal espresso roast, meaning it is roasted for a shorter amount of time and there are less roast flavours present in the bean. A filter roast is therefore lighter, sweeter and has more acidity. 

As a general guide, a lighter (or filter) roast is best suited to brewing equipment with a slow extraction, like the Hario V60, AeroPress, Stovetop, Plunger or Chemex.

So if you're brewing at home with a pourover or immersion device, Guji Muda Tatesa is a great new bean to try! 

An espresso roast version of Guji Muda Tatesa is also available from our Online Store. The espresso roast version can also be used in pourover and immersion brewing equipment, especially if you enjoy a darker roast and more body in your coffee.

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