It feels a little lonely in here.

Let's change that.

All you can drink batch brew coffee at Merlo!

Our Merlo-owned locations are now offering offering bottomless batch brew for only $5.50.

This offer is available every day of the week on dine in orders only. 

Batch brew is pour over coffee, but instead of using a manual device like a V60 or Chemex, an automatic machine is used.

Our batch brew is made instore on the highly regarded Moccamaster machines, resulting in a consistently strong and smooth coffee. 

Come instore to try a bottomless batch brew today!

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Key details:

- Dine in only and valid for one sitting at a time.
- Available in all of our retail locations except for Long Pocket.
- Milk is not included in the price and cannot be added to the deal.
- Drink cannot be shared among multiple people.