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Simon Says - Fridge, Freezer or Pantry?

Welcome to ‘Simon Says’ - Episode 3! Today we’re looking at exactly where you should store your freshly roasted coffee beans at home.  

Did you know that where you store your coffee beans can have a huge impact on the quality of coffee you make? If not stored correctly, we quickly run the risk of a coffee lovers’ worst nightmare – dull coffee!

Simon says that if coffee beans are stored incorrectly you will notice that they begin to ‘sweat’. This moisture is actually the precious oils escaping from the beans, and with them goes the delicious crema and flavour that we enjoy.

Have you noticed that Merlo coffee bags and tins have a little valve located on the packaging? This special feature is a one-way valve, designed to let the carbon dioxide that coffee beans naturally produce out while not allowing oxygen in. Oxygen and the oxidation process will alter your beans unique balance of oils, which will then impact how quickly the beans go stale.

Now, before delving into exactly where your beans should be stored, it’s important to consider the factors that affect coffee the most. Heat, direct sunlight, moisture and oxygen are freshly roasted coffee beans' biggest enemies, and this means that generally speaking somewhere dark and cool is best.

The best temperature for coffee to be stored at is around 20 degrees - not too hot and not too cold. Your fridge will produce too much moisture on the bean, and freezing your beans will likely damage your coffee grinder. Simon’s ultimate storage recommendation is the bottom shelf of a dark pantry or cupboard. This will keep your beans fresh and delicious for as long as possible - until it’s time to restock!

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