It feels a little lonely in here.

Let's change that.

Let's talk about Decaf!

Did you know that we offer two unique Decaf coffees at Merlo?

Decaffeinated or “Decaf” coffee is just regular coffee that has gone through a decaffeination process, and is as close as possible in taste and aroma to a regular brew. Whilst there is typically a very small amount of residual caffeine left once the decaffeination process has finished, it is usually a negligible amount and allows people to enjoy a delicious cup without the stimulant effect!

Drinking decaf coffee has also been associated with many health benefits, including:

  • Decaf coffee is loaded with antioxidants which help prevent diseases like Cancer, Heart Disease and Type 2 Diabetes.
  • Studies show that the Chlorogenic acid in decaf coffee helps protect neurons in the brain, lowering risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.
  • Some people drinking regular coffee can experience heartburn of acid reflux, and decaf coffee has been proven to significantly reduce these reactions.
  • Drinking two or more cups of decaf may help to reduce risk of rectal cancer.

Traditionally, one of the drawbacks to decaf for coffee lovers has been that the taste just isn’t quite the same. This is why at Merlo Coffee we have gone to great lengths to source only the absolute highest quality beans that have been processed in such a way to preserve all the attributes we love about regular coffee.

Our regular decaf coffee uses delicious organic green beans that are Rainforest Alliance (RFA) certified, producing delicious sweet citrus and honey flavours. The result is a genuinely great cup of coffee! Critically, the beans are decaffeinated using a chemical-free water method to preserve flavour.

The specialty decaf coffee that we offer is also quite exceptional, and a real treat for decaf drinkers. Coming from the heartland of coffee in the Guji (Ethiopia), this bean offers a different flavour profile of rich chocolate and sweet berry. Every bean is grown by traditional smallholder coffee producers at high altitudes in a perfect environment for coffee plants to thrive. The beans are naturally sundried before being decaffeinated using a chemical-free water process to again preserve flavour.

It’s actually quite rare that we are able to find such well produced decaf coffee, and for this reason the Ethiopia Guji decaf is only available through our online store!

If you have been considering trying a decaf coffee to avoid caffeine overload, you may find that you are surprised by how enjoyable both of our offerings are.

Happy sipping!