It feels a little lonely in here.

Let's change that.

2021 Superheroes for Sycamore School Day

We are once again proud to support the wonderful work of The Sycamore School – a school dedicated to providing a safe and inclusive educational environment for students with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The Sycamore School works to provide young people with opportunities to reach their potential.

The staff in our retail stores will be wearing their superhero outfits to celebrate “Superheroes for Sycamore School Day” on Friday April 30.

Join in on the fun and dress up too! What’s more, with every coffee purchased on the day, $1 will be donated to The Sycamore School. Donation boxes will also be available. 

So head to a Merlo store near you to participate.

Just by buying your morning coffee, you will be donating to a good cause, so treat yourself to a second (or third!) coffee guilt-free, because even superheroes need their caffeine kick.

You can also donate to the cause for these amazing “superheroes” at The Sycamore School and help them and their families in their daily efforts by going to their website.