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Coffee Fanatic #10 - Elizabeth Hargraves

While Coffee Fanatic is normally only reserved for Merlo lovers within Australia, we couldn't say no to a nomination that came our way from the other side of the world.

Elizabeth Hargraves is a Merlo Coffee fanatic currently studying at Boston University in the USA.

Despite being many thousands of kilometres from a Merlo location, Elizabeth (and the ten other girls she lives with) all enjoy a cup of Private Blend every morning.

Find out more about Elizabeth's passion for Merlo below!

Elizabeth with a retro Merlo cup. 

When did you start drinking Merlo?

I have known about Merlo Coffee since I was a little girl, but I started drinking it daily over quarantine with my dad. 

What is your favourite Merlo bean/blend?

My father's favourite is Private Blend, and I would have to say that was mine as well.

Why and when did you move to Boston?

I was raised in New York by my American mother and Australian father, and moved to Boston to attend Boston College in 2018.

How does the coffee compare over there?

At college, coffee is more of a fuel source than anything else, so most students rely on Starbucks for their coffee and drink it by the bucket. Boston has some pretty cool local coffee shops though that my friends and I like to go to.

Were you happy to receive a Merlo delivery in Boston?

So happy! Nothing brings a smile to my face and reminds me of Australia like a Merlo Blue box on my doorstep! I was excited to be able to step up my at-home coffee making.

Private Blend in Boston!

Have you converted your housemates to Merlo Coffee?

100%. All 10 of us fight over the French Press every morning. My best friend at school likes it so much, she takes her Merlo Coffee black!

How do you normally brew your coffee?

I use a French Press or an AeroPress at school because it is the easiest and delivers a great taste. At home, my dad uses an espresso machine that I can make lattes with.

What is your favourite thing about Merlo?

I love that it is an Australian company with beans roasted right in Brisbane, and that it has family roots. On top of that, the coffee is awesome.

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