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Coffee Fanatic #8 - James Kirby

We continue our search for Australia’s biggest Coffee Fanatic with a nomination from our UQ Store.

Today, it’s Dr James!

Dr James Kirby is a Senior Lecturer in Clinical Psychology at the University of Queensland. And when we say he loves his Merlo coffee – we mean it. 

A true Merlo Coffee Fanatic, James always starts his day with a Long Black from Merlo Coffee UQ before tackling the rigours of Academia.

“I start my day by walking up to Merlo and I’m greeted by name by the friendly baristas that have become my friends over time. I order my long back and walk back to my office with a smile”, says James.

He isn’t afraid to make multiple trips back to his coffee home-away-from-home during the day.  Along with the coffee, it’s the friendly interactions and the chance to connect that keeps James coming back.

The nature of his job means that he spends a lot of time writing in isolation and his daily chat around the coffee machine gives him a much-needed break from the screen.

Not to mention the scenic views and tranquility under the famous tree outside UQ Merlo!

James Kirby

“Working as an academic can be lonely at times. You sit in front of a computer writing by yourself most of the time, but coffee helps cut through the loneliness. Knowing the connection that comes with getting my morning coffee gives me that warm feeling inside.”

We're so happy that you keep coming back James – thanks for being February’s Coffee Fanatic!

Merlo Coffee UQ

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