It feels a little lonely in here.

Let's change that.


Coffee Fanatic #7 - Aislinn Sharp

Aislinn Sharp is a second generation Merlo fanatic who has been a positive and refreshing Friend of Merlo for many years now. We've loved getting to know Aislinn a little better this month as our 7th Coffee Fanatic of the Month. 


What do you do for a living?

Creativity and connection!

I love listening to people’s stories, and retelling them through my music as a singer/songwriter. I really enjoy performing for audiences, and connecting through music. It really is fun leading and getting people involved in my songs at a live gig!

I also value helping musicians with mental health support, and facilitated a backstage talk on this topic at last year’s Woodford Folk Festival. I think my passion for helping musicians also fits really well with being an R U OK Ambassador, where I teach people how to start 'r u ok' conversations to change a life.


Which is your favourite Merlo store?

I try to visit every Merlo store when I’m in the area! The newly renovated QUT Merlo is a regular. 


What is your typical coffee order?

Nothing beats a cappuccino!


How many coffees would you drink a day?

At least one at breakfast time. I look forward to it every day!


What is your favourite Merlo bean/blend?

I love more acidic tasting coffee notes. So the single origin beans from Africa (Kenya) totally rock!


What made you start drinking coffee initially?

As a kid, my dad would take me to Merlo Fortitude Valley to buy his coffee beans. I loved going with dad, and drinking a complimentary Merlo coffee while we waited. Such great memories spending time with my dad, and enjoying my first Merlo coffee.


Who is your favourite person to have a coffee with?

I feel like I’d get myself into trouble if I started mentioning “favourites” here!! 

So instead, I’ll just say my regular coffee buddies are my notebook and pen, who join me and help dot down my creative songwriting ideas while I'm enjoying a Merlo coffee 😊✍🏼☕️💙


What is your fondest coffee related memory?

Probably with my dad as a kid. 


What is your favourite thing about Merlo?

Coffee and connections! 

Obviously Merlo coffee is quality and tastes amazing! But I also value those small moments in time catching up with friends and family over a Merlo. I think it helps build connection and offers many happy memories for life.