Commissioning a new coffee roaster

What does it take to commission a new coffee roaster? Merlo Coffee’s John Palmer takes you through the process.

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Profile: Australian Mountain Top

These coffee beans from New South Wales’ Scenic Rim has a sweet, medium body with a chocolate aroma and a warm, lingering finish.

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Making coffee when entertaining

If you are entertaining at home, there are a few key things to consider when selecting a coffee brewing method for your guests.

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Coffee tasting tips

Here’s a set of easy criteria to evaluate coffee like a pro.

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Espresso Engine

An efficient, friendly and bustling inner-city cafe, Espresso Engine is dedicated to making great coffee.

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Profile: Colombian Lucitania

This Cup of Excellence winning coffee harks from a privately owned farm in the heart of Colombia that has been perfecting coffee beans for over 20 years.

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What is cold press coffee?

What is the difference between Cold Press coffee, Cold Drip coffee and Cold Brew coffee? Learn more from John, our expert roaster.

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What happens in the roaster?

From the warm up phase, to the end of a full dark roast – what really happens to beans in a coffee roaster?

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The best way to store your coffee

Coffee can be affected by a lot of variants, so here’s our top tips to keep your coffee fresh.

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Profile: Burundi Mukerwa

Thanks to its ideal growing conditions and climate, the Burundi Mukerwa exhibits a clean, delicate flavour with a well- balanced body and acidity.

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Harveys Bar + Bistro

Owner and chef PJ McMillan speaks about why he chose Merlo Coffee as his coffee supplier.

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The art of cupping

Just like a wine tasting, coffee cupping is a formal tasting technique developed to identify specific flavours, qualities and faults.

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Profile: Guatemalan Santa Felisa Estate

This coffee is distinctively full-bodied, with notes of toffee and milk chocolate, and a smooth, velvety vanilla finish, giving it a harmonising profile.

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Bad coffee: grind vs dose

When your coffee is running poorly and tasting strange it is usually one of two culprits.

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Coffee processing methods

Once a coffee cherry is harvested, there is one more pivotal step before it is sent to us to roast.

Merlo in the community

Merlo supports The Common Good

Merlo supports the leading medical research conducted by The Common Good, an initiative of the Prince Charles Hospital Research Foundation. Read more about Eleonore’s groundbreaking research on cannula’s.

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Profile: Andrade Brothers Estate

Harking from Minas Gerais, Brazil, this bean will satisfy the taste of the most demanding and discriminating consumers in the world.

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Brew guide: Chemex

Learn how to brew a pure, smooth tasting coffee with a Chemex – one of the best designed products in modern times.

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Your coffee tasting glossary

Use our handy tasting glossary to learn a few key terms to look for when evaluating the flavours of your beans.

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The 2015 Merlo Art Series

Merlo has partnered with Art From the Margins, an initiative of the Wesley Mission, to bring you a limited edition crockery set featuring award-winning art.