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Merlo & The Common Good: Jemima’s research

Merlo is proud to support vital research projects by The Common Good, including that of Jemima Boyd whose research aims to help ICU patients rehabilitate quicker, allowing them to live longer and have a better quality of life.

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Cup of Excellence

The Cup of Excellence program has improved the business of coffee along the entire chain.

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Merlo’s 4 Best Iced Coffee recipes

It’s hard to beat a classic iced latte, but we’ve got a few different ideas to try at home that […]

Coffee 101

Who discovered coffee?

There are many stories describing the discovery of coffee. This is our favourite.

Merlo in the community

2016 Merlo Coffee Art Series announced

The Merlo Coffee Art Series is back for another year in partnership with the Wesley Mission’s Art From The Margins initiative.

What's Happening at Merlo?

Spring coffee cocktails with Stoke Bar

Merlo have partnered with Stokehouse Q to unveil three spectacular, custom-made spring coffee cocktails to welcome the most glorious season of the year!

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Profile: Kenya Iriga

Grown in the rich volcanic soil of the Nyambene Hills on the eastern slopes of Mt Kenya, the Iriga is a sweet and smooth coffee, with caramel aromas, chocolate flavours and a fresh but soft orange acidity

Coffee 101

What is specialty coffee?

“Specialty” is a term we often hear in the coffee industry, but the definition can vary depending on the context in which it’s used.

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Profile: Colombia Giraldo

The Colombia Giraldo has a socially and environmentally sustainable production, as well as a sweet and creamy taste, medium body and clean finish.

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A cup of Camaelia Sinensis (tea)

After water, tea is still the second most consumed beverage in the world. So let’s learn more about it!

Coffee 101

Profile: India Papakuchi

Papakuchi is sustainably grown in the fertile soils of Kodagu (Coorg), India and features notes of chocolate, creme brulee and red apple.

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Merlo goes blue for autism

The team at Merlo joined with families and students from the Autism Queensland Brighton School on their annual Brighton Blue Walk.

What's Happening at Merlo?

Melbourne, meet Merlo

Merlo Coffee has opened its first Torrefazione roasting house in Melbourne at the iconic Queen Victoria Market.

What's Happening at Merlo?

Celebrating 20 years of roasting

Merlo Coffee celebrated 20 years of roasting in the newly renovated Fortitude Valley Torrefazione next to the store’s original artisanal roaster.

Coffee 101

Profile: Lake Tawar Hands of Hope

Lake Tawar beans are processed in a way unique to Indonesia, resulting in signature characteristics of full body, dense aromatics and low acidity.

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Anouk Paddington

Anouk is a Brisbane breakfast café institution in the eclectic suburb of Paddington, proudly serving Merlo Coffee.

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What is the Maillard Reaction?

Learn more about the Maillard Reaction, named after Louis-Camille Maillard, the chemist who first described the process over 100 years ago.

Coffee 101

Profile: Tanzania Shiwanda Estate

This coffee comes from the historic Shiwanda Estate in Mbeya, Tanzania and has notes of dark chocolate, apricot, golden syrup.

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Merlo Coffee Espresso Martini

If you’re looking for a great cocktail to share with friends, a Merlo Coffee espresso martini is the best way to start your night!

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Profile: Guatemala Finca La Hermosa

From Finca La Hermosa in the Acatenango region of Guatemala, this coffee is notable for its creamy body, chocolate aroma and sweet orange flavour.