Brew guides

Brew Guide: Cold Press

Want to make clean, full-flavoured cold press coffee at home? We’ll show you how…

Coffee 101

The Role of the Cooperative

Small farming communities in D.R. Congo are working together, against the odds, to create a new industry and a way […]

Coffee 101

How is coffee decaffeinated?

What process do green beans have to go through to be classed as decaffeinated coffee and are all “decafs” created equal? Get the downlow on decaf here.

DIY With Coffee

Coffee Grounds in the Garden

Here’s how to put your coffee waste to work in the garden – as pest control, an effective ingredient in […]

Coffee 101, What's Happening at Merlo?

The Path to Becoming a Q Grader

What does it take to achieve the highest certification within the coffee industry – Q Grader? Just ask Merlo’s own Simon Brooks.

What's Happening at Merlo?

Merlo Coffee Barista Championships

Over two heats and within a set time of 8 minutes, 28 of our top baristas were tasked to produce 2 short blacks, 2 cappuccinos, and 2 mezzos to the highest standard.

Merlo in the community

Merlo rides in the 2017 Cycle of Giving

We’re proud to support the annual Cycle of Giving – this year raising over $60,000 to go towards vital medical research.

Merlo in the community

Merlo & The Common Good: Jemima’s research

Merlo is proud to support vital research projects by The Common Good, including that of Jemima Boyd whose research aims to help ICU patients rehabilitate quicker, allowing them to live longer and have a better quality of life.

Coffee 101

Cup of Excellence

The Cup of Excellence program has improved the business of coffee along the entire chain.

Coffee 101

Who discovered coffee?

There are many stories describing the discovery of coffee. This is our favourite.

Merlo in the community

2016 Merlo Coffee Art Series announced

The Merlo Coffee Art Series is back for another year in partnership with the Wesley Mission’s Art From The Margins initiative.

What's Happening at Merlo?

Spring coffee cocktails with Stoke Bar

Merlo have partnered with Stokehouse Q to unveil three spectacular, custom-made spring coffee cocktails to welcome the most glorious season of the year!

Coffee 101

Profile: Kenya Iriga

Grown in the rich volcanic soil of the Nyambene Hills on the eastern slopes of Mt Kenya, the Iriga is a sweet and smooth coffee, with caramel aromas, chocolate flavours and a fresh but soft orange acidity

Coffee 101

What is specialty coffee?

“Specialty” is a term we often hear in the coffee industry, but the definition can vary depending on the context in which it’s used.

Coffee 101

Profile: Colombia Giraldo

The Colombia Giraldo has a socially and environmentally sustainable production, as well as a sweet and creamy taste, medium body and clean finish.

Coffee 101

A cup of Camaelia Sinensis (tea)

After water, tea is still the second most consumed beverage in the world. So let’s learn more about it!