Coffee 101

Who discovered coffee?

Before espresso macchiato and caramel lattes, this story of the discovery of coffee begins with, of all things, a goat herder.

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Merlo Cycles for the Common Good

We’re proud to support the annual Cycle of Giving and contribute towards vital organ transplant research.

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What is cascara?

The cherries of the coffee tree can be brewed into tea, syrup and even used in cocktails.

Press Releases, What's Happening at Merlo?

Queensland coffee lovers launch war on waste

Merlo Coffee are launching a compostable cup crusade to stop more than three million cups going to landfill each year.

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2018 Merlo Coffee Art Series unveiled

A deep, brushed turquoise overlaid with delicate golden fans is the feature of the 2018 Merlo Coffee Art Series.

Coffee 101

Colombia Diofanor

We have a rare opportunity to taste distinctly different flavours in three lots of coffee from the same trees.

Merlo in the community

Grab a coffee and ask: R U OK?

Start a conversation over a coffee at any Merlo store on Thursday 13 September.

DIY With Coffee

Coffee Protein Balls recipe

Easy, quick and healthy, these tasty treats combine the pick-me-up of espresso with protein for the ultimate pre-workout.