social awareness

Giving back

Communities are built around coffee shops. A number of the important programs and initiatives we support include:

Contributing to the local community and assisting local charities, organisations, group and schools is all a part of who Merlo Coffee is today. If you’re interested in seeking our support for an upcoming charity-based project, event or fundraiser, please contact us.

environmental awareness

Doing our part

Even though Merlo is all blue, we strive to be green wherever we can. For example:

  • Our Alto blend, Brazilian single origin and Decaf all come from Rainforest Alliance Certified™ certified farms which are managed according to rigorous environmental, social and economic criteria.
  • We encourage the use of a KeepCup for takeaway coffees. When you buy one from us, we give your first coffee free and a discount for every coffee in your KeepCup after that!
  • We offer a $1 discount when you bring your coffee tin back in for a refill.
  • The husks from our roasters are compacted into pellets which can be used in the garden, as a fire starter or in worm farms.
  • We encourage the use of coffee grounds in garden beds and compost bins. Bring in a reusable container to collect yours in-store today.

customer focussed

It's the people that count

Hospitality is the heart of Merlo Coffee. We are passionate about coffee, but the relationships we’ve made both within the company and with our customers, suppliers and the greater industry are of great value to us.

The company motto ‘We love serving premium fresh espresso’ has been with us for a long time and informs every aspect of Merlo. We love looking after our customers and getting to know them. This makes service easy, because when you know your customers and understand where they are coming from, they become the centre of all of your decisions.

We’re a big family, but always happy to set another place at the table.