Coffee 101, Roasting

How is coffee decaffeinated?

What process do green beans have to go through to be classed as decaffeinated coffee and are all “decafs” created […]


What is the Maillard Reaction?

Learn more about the Maillard Reaction, named after Louis-Camille Maillard, the chemist who first described the process over 100 years ago.


Commissioning a new coffee roaster

What does it take to commission a new coffee roaster? Merlo Coffee’s John Palmer takes you through the process.


Training to be a coffee roaster

What does it take to be a coffee roaster? Our trainee roaster Jake takes you on his journey through his roaster training.


What happens in the roaster?

From the warm up phase, to the end of a full dark roast – what really happens to beans in a coffee roaster?


The Merlo Roasting Process

The secret to Merlo Coffee’s rich balanced flavour is the roasting profile that our roasting team strictly follow.


Five minutes with our head roaster

Steve’s office isn’t like most. It is a shiny, bright blue Brambati Roaster sourced directly from Codevilla, Italy.


Merlo’s own Rosa the Roaster

The Merlo Brambati KS120 toastatrice (roaster), affectionately known as ‘Rosa’, is a state of the art machine.


Profile: John the Roaster

Get to know a little bit more about John, one of the expert Merlo Roasters.


Go Lukim Kopi visit

Our Head Roaster, Steve, recounts his time in Papua New Guinea visiting our major raw coffee bean supplier.